The 2-Minute Rule for funny thoughts

"Middle age is whenever you've met so Lots of individuals that every new man or woman you meet reminds you of another person."

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*If you go into court docket . . . your inside the fingers of twelve persons that aren't sensible plenty of to get out of jury duty

"Giving up smoking cigarettes is the best point on the earth. I understand since I've completed it A huge number of instances."

"I'm Sick and tired of All of this nonsense about elegance being only pores and skin-deep. That's deep more than enough. What Do you need—an lovable pancreas?"

The robots will probably adopt that tune as their anthem, plus they'll sing it to them selves because they get more than the world, crushing individuals under their silicone heels. And they'll put in Cher as their android goddess simply because, by then, she'll be generally plastic and wire anyways.

If a person with a number of personalities threatens to eliminate himself, can it be thought of a hostage problem?

The fact that there is a freeway to hell and merely a stairway to heaven claims lots about anticipated targeted visitors figures

Why is there usually one in just about every crowd? If you took all the ones in every single crowd and put them in An additional crowd, will there be one in that group?

Whenever your pet chicken sees you studying the newspaper, does he speculate check here why you’re just sitting there, observing carpeting?

"The brain a beautiful organ. It starts off Doing work the moment you get up each morning and will not stop until eventually you have into the Office environment."

Laughter for the Healing Heart "I'm taking pleasure in your [Chortle Therapy email] lessons greatly as they will aid me to become an even better massage therapist for my sufferers and customers. Thank you for everything you need to do to create this planet significantly less nerve-racking!" - Cynthia

Why could it be that if you transport one thing by auto, check here it’s identified as a cargo, but any time you transportation a little something by ship, it’s get more info termed a cargo?

"The surest signal that smart existence exists somewhere else inside the universe is it has not tried to Make contact with us."

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